boxing & kick boxing program


Boxing/kick-boxing is a great way to invigorate your exercise routine, decrease stress, and/or enjoy learning the nuances of martial arts. We teach proper technique in throwing punches, combinations, counters punches, defense, and footwork. All levels are welcome!


“lane encourages me to have faith in myself when i’m frustrated with my performance”

Lane helps support the fundamentals of kickboxing, including technique. He provides multiple ways of teaching to help achieve the multi-steps and combinations to ensure success and confidence in all aspects of boxing. He focuses on breathing and rhythmicity and encourages me to have faith in myself when I’m frustrated with my performance. He has helped me gain more comfort in both the offensive and defensive stances and continues to help me gain real life perspectives when sparring.

-Jamie F.

“i don’t realize how hard i’m working until i feel it the next day”

Lane has been training me in boxing for about four months now, and it has been a wonderful experience. He puts an emphasis on form and listens to the body to avoid injury. He manages to make it fun and keeps it interesting so that I don’t even realize how hard I’m working until I feel it the next day.

-Sarah S.