wedding & special events program


Unlike the strategy of weight loss to lose weight gradually, we base our Wedding & Special Events program on the goal and allotted amount of time prior to the event. The key is to have you peak (look your best) on exactly the day of your wedding or special event. Also, for weddings we make certain to focus and highlight on the areas of your body that will be shown on your dress.


Lane Gillia is a phenomenal trainer. I met Lane for the first time a year and a half ago when I first joined my gym. I signed up for the intro training package and came into it with low expectations. Man was I surprised! I had worked with trainers before but Lane was different...he challenged me to do things that I had never tried before and didn’t think I could accomplish. The one legged squats with a lunge is still one of the hardest things I have ever done. My sessions with Lane taught me about utilizing new muscle groups and pushing the limits on fatigue and strength to get optimal results. I loved working out with him and knowing that each session was going to be such a challenger. When I wanted to get into better shape for my wedding I knew where to turn. I started off working with Lane once a week and worked up to 3 times a week by the time my wedding rolled around. He was a great mentor and coach. Even on tired days he helped me get excited about the different activities and kept me going strong throughout the hour. He also coached me in healthy eating and the best ways to replenish and recover after intense workouts. By the time my wedding arrived, I had defined muscles and more energy than ever. People commented on my arms and back nonstop. More than anything, Lane has become a great friend. He’s a tough trainer but he is also a great listener and takes time to really understand your individual fitness goals. And no two sessions are alike - he keeps you and your muscles constantly guessing about what type of challenging round is coming next.

-Meredith LS.

“he challenged me to do things i didn’t think i could accomplish”



I started working with Lane Gillia in the Spring of 2008. I had plateaued in my workout and was not seeing results. I worked with Lane for an entire year and at the end of the year, my body was sculpted and in the best shape of my life. His training goes far beyond just the physical requirements. He pushes the body to an extreme keeping in mind the goals I set for myself. His technique and method are well thought out, almost like a teacher preparing for a lesson. Lane always pushed my body but he did it completely aware of how far I could go. He truly cares about what is happening in his clients’ lives - he believes your body’s strength is based on your eating habits, sleeping habits, work-out schedule, and mental well-being. He understands the daily stresses of life and only asks that you push yourself to an extreme that is healthy. I continue to see Lane when I am at the gym and he is always giving me advice and new workouts. I think he is a passionate teacher and anyone who is semi-interested in seeing results should try him. Even if you go three times, he can give you great advice and get you on your way to a phenomenal body.

-Danielle O.

“lane’s training goes beyond physical requirements but always knowing how far i CAN go”

I went to Lane to get in shape for my wedding. In less than 3 months, I lost 15 pounds and became very toned. I saw Lane twice a week and he always challenged me with different workouts on different areas of the body. He worked muscles I did not even know I had. In addition to the amazing workouts, Lane also re-tooled my eating habits, helping me focus on healthier meals. I cannot recommend Lane highly enough, I never looked better than when I was working out with him.

-Cindy S.

“he worked muscles i did not even know i had”

In an effort to get into the best shape possible for my wedding, I began increasing the number and intensity levels of my workouts. But no matter how much extra time I spent at the gym, I wasn’t seeing results. With four months to go, I enlisted Lane’s help to get me ready for the big day - it was the best decision I could’ve made.

Working with Lane helped me break through my plateau, and I lost 10 pounds and 2 dress sizes in time for my wedding. Not only did I notice a big difference in my appearance, but I also felt stronger, healthier and full of energy. Lane kept me motivated and on track with my goals, all while keeping things fun. He was also extremely accommodating. I was working long hours at the time, and Lane worked around my schedule to ensure we got in at least 2 sessions a week. Choosing the right trainer can make all the difference in the world. I am so glad I chose Lane, and highly recommend working with him to meet your goals.

-Theresa B.

“lane kept me motivated and on track with my goals, all while keeping things fun”