custom personal training


Custom programming for your individual needs and lifestyle.

Each individual has a different body makeup, fitness level, work schedule, taste in food, availability of time, and goals. At Custom Personal Training we take all into account to formulate a specific and in-depth food and exercise program for you.

We use all training types to fit your needs: rehab, circuit training, functional training, sports training, power lifting, core training, stability training, corrective training, interval training, boxing, kick boxing, endurance training, and hypertrophy training.


what we do

Free personal training session and nutritional consultation for 1st time clients

Cash/Checks/Credit Cards Accepted



1 Session - $80

5 Session Package - $390 ($78 each)

10 Session Package - $750 ($75 each)

15 Session Package - $1050 ($70 each)


2 people - $100 per session

3 people - $115 per session

4 people - $130 per session